Alex Butcher (Producer & Composer) born on the 1969 in Germany, was interested in electronic music at a very early stage in his life. 1980, he started to collect music. 1983, he bought his first record player and started practicing as a DJ. From then on, he was a fixed part of the scene clubs. He started off in the Discotheque 'Studio' and already at the age of 17 he sneaked into the Music Hall, Vogue and of course past the bouncers of the Dorian Gray (Frankfurt / Airport). He already knew the very first night that this huge club with its dim and cult atmosphere was going to become his second home. Only a short time later (1989) he formed part of the team of the Dorian Gray, acting as Lightjockey and first-class DJ proxy at the side of well known DJs like Torsten Fenslau, Sven Väth, Paul van Dyk, Dag, Talla, Marc Spoon, Tom Wax, Andy Düx, and many others. His job in this famous club promoted his musical abilities and knowledge, and only a short time later, in 1991, Alex Butcher published his first record. Some of those Productions & Remixes also made the Official Sales Charts, further highlighting his continuous evolution in the music business. He has worked with famous People like Torsten Fenslau (Culture Beat), Alex Abraham (Echo-prizewinner), Kai Tracid (Tracid Traxx), Dj Pascal Feos , Mike Misar, Nosie Katzmann (Germanys Hookking), Kevin Iszard, DJ Dag, Manuel Schleis (Vengeance) & many more. For more Productions Infos click Continued..
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